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Shanxi: baoji - pingkan highway began construction
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      On August 25, the baojiping (kan) expressway, which attracts the public's attention, held a start ceremony in wenquan village, maying town, high-tech zone. Vice governor zhuang changxing issued the order to start the work, provincial transport department director feng xining, mayor hui jincai and other provincial and municipal leaders attended the start ceremony.

Day 12, in hot springs village at the foot of qinling treasure ping highway project proposed baoji service area, south zhuang bao ping highway construction starts by changxing, the suddenly, the scene applause bursts, from the provincial, city and county (district) and the leadership of the local authorities and provincial traffic group cadre masses thousands of people, witnessed the people the benefit of integrating ecology of highway engineering construction.

Baoping expressway is the national highway yinchuan kunming (Ming) line (G85) section, is our province "2367" highway network baoji to hanzhong highway an important part. Baoping expressway is our province "13th five-year" in the construction of the expressway scale * * * *, construction standards * * * *, construction difficulty * * * projects. Route from high-tech zone Pan Guwan hub interchange, and silver regionalization of kunduz highway to baoji, even huo high-speed baoji GuoJingXian, along the north slope of qinling mountains to the southwest line development litres of slope, the eight fish town, ma camp town in the zone and weibin district town of shek kwu, shennong town, across Li Guhe, shahe, god turned south, 15.56 km long tunnel through the qinling to fengxian county hekou town village, bar again along the lane transpetrosal bay, south river dam, stop in the town of fengxian county ping hom north, and ping candy to hanzhong expressway under construction. The route is 73.238 kilometers long, passing through 37 administrative villages in 7 towns in 3 counties. The whole line adopts two-way six-lane expressway technical standards, designed speed of 80 km/h, roadbed width of 32 meters. Set up panjiawan, baoji south, rock bay, tian ba 4 interchange. Tianba hub interchange and fengtai expressway to achieve traffic conversion. Baoji line set south, qinling 2 service areas, tunnel rescue station 3. The main line consists of 52 Bridges and 16 tunnels with a ratio of 71.9%. The estimated investment is 12.9 billion yuan and the construction period is expected to be 6 years.

Hui jincai pointed out in the speech, since this year, the province will "the 13th five-year plan" period accounts for about one-fifth of the province's scale of highway projects arranged to baoji, seven highways will start construction, the total investment reached more than 50 billion yuan. This is a practical move by the provincial party committee and the provincial government to support baoji in accelerating the construction of the sub-center city of guantian, which will surely play a positive role in promoting the stable growth and expanding investment of the whole province.

Baoping expressway project is a major foundation project for the city to build a comprehensive transportation network. It is of far-reaching strategic significance and extremely important practical significance to smooth the traffic between north and south of our city and to enhance and consolidate the position of our city as a transportation hub. All the counties and departments concerned should resolutely comply with the requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, overcome difficulties, work closely with each other, provide strong environmental protection and convenience for the project construction, and complete the tasks of land requisition, demolition, and environmental protection. At the same time, we should make every effort to do a good job in the early stage of major traffic projects, such as the control project of the longxian to shan-gansu boundary, the taibai-fengxian expressway, and the linyou section of the hefeng expressway, and accelerate the pace of construction.

Vice mayor wu jun and secretary general zhang haijian attended the ceremony