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Beijing: the new airport north line is expected to be completed by the end of the year, with a total length of about 14.8km
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 The construction of the new airport is in full swing, supporting transportation projects have also been launched. Recently, the new airport northbound expressway entered the eia phase, and judging from the brief of the eia report, the new expressway is significant and will link the main longitudinal highways in the surrounding area. The reporter learned that according to the preliminary plan, the new airport north line high-speed will start construction at the end of this year.

The new airport north line (jingkai expressway - jingtai expressway) expressway project is located in the south direction of the city, the project starts from the jingkai expressway in the west, to the jingtai expressway in the east, the total length of about 14.8 kilometers.

Reporters learned that the new airport north line expressway will be designed in accordance with the highway standard, the red line 100 meters wide, four up and four down eight lanes, the design speed of 120 km/h.

According to the initial trend revealed in the eia report, the future construction of the new airport north line expressway is not small, continuous crossing or crossing a number of traffic arteries: from the north of east huangfa village through the farmland, through the huangfa nursery east to the beijing-kowloon railway west liyuan station, on the south side of the beijing-kowloon railway station will cross the beijing-kowloon railway; After the upper crossing of the central fort 2 trunk canal, the current high pressure corridor route will be traversed. In east white village north, will cross the planning of the north and south terminal line; The route will continue to the east along the north boundary of the planned construction land of Singapore airlines city, and will successively cross the planned new airport expressway, beijing-kowloon railway passenger dedicated line, the new airport rail line, and cross the magnetic road and qingli road. The route passes along the north side of lixian town relocating house planning land, and continues to the east along the beijing-taiwan expressway to the end.

From the schematic view, the significance of this high speed is to connect the beijing-kai expressway, the new airport expressway and the beijing-taiwan expressway under construction from west to east. This means that in the future, the three north-south highways will be able to communicate with each other through the northern line of the airport. According to the new airport before the construction of the headquarters of the relevant person in charge of the future new airport north line high-speed will be extended to the beijing-shanghai high-speed and beijing-hong kong-macao high-speed conditions.

According to the plan, construction of the new airport northbound expressway is scheduled to begin by the end of this year and be completed by the end of 2018. And the reporter understands, this high speed is strung together of 3 freeways also have new progress. According to the plan, the beijing-kai highway will be widened from the sixth ring road to the city boundary. Beijing section of jingtai expressway is also accelerating construction, and strive to be completed by the end of this year open to traffic; And the new airport high speed is also currently carrying out the preliminary work, and strive to start as soon as possible, and will be put into use with the new airport terminal.